I'm speaking at PGCon 2017 (The PostgreSQL Conference)

Cracking passwords in Postgres with Python and Django password hashers


Later this week, I'll be heading to Ottawa, Ontario to attend PGCon 2017 where I'll be delivering a talk entitled Pgcrypto Avasat! A study in Django's password hashers.

If that doesn't get you excited... I don't know what will!

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[Meetup] Building Smarter Offices:

Join our discussion on how to "Safely Steal a Conference Room".

My company, Huge, will begin hosting a meetup series entitled Building Smarter Offices tomorrow. We'll be discussing some of the smart office work that we've been doing since moving into our new Union Market offices. We'll share the work, and we're eager to learn how your...

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Huge DC Hosts React DC June Meetup

Join React DC at Huge's new DC digs.

Come join us tomorrow night at our snazzy new offices in DC's Union Market as we host the React DC June Meetup. We've posted some details on the Huge Events website too.

The main speaker will be John K. Paul on ES2015: The NOS for your...

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I'm speaking at ModevCon 2014

Join us at the east coast's premier mobile development event

Jay Kissman and I will be presenting The Native App vs. Mobile Web Debate at ModevCon 2014, "the east coast's premier mobile development event." The conference, formerly called ModevEast, takes place on December 11-12 at Artisphere in Arlington, VA. Here is our talk's description from the ModevCon website:

Choosing whether to build a mobile website or native application (or both!) is...

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Generating a PowerPoint from text files

Annoy your colleagues with Python

One of my nerdy colleagues, @mattcaldwell, just gave a neat presentation at a Django-District Meetup on using vim+tmux as Django IDE. To keep it real, he created his presentation using

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Python performance: string formatting with .format vs %

Which is faster?

Python 2.6 introduced the str.format() method for formatting strings which provides a much more flexible alternative to the older modulo (%) based string formatting. But which one performs better? Let's test it out by repeating a simple string format a million times...

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Want Heroku Apache (PHP), but getting Node.js stack?

Forcing the Heroku PHP buildpack

I've been using Heroku to host a bunch of static sites using the Apache/PHP hack. All I need is an index.php file in the root of my application to hint to Heroku that I want the PHP (Apache) buildpack... and then I disable PHP altogether since I really just want Apache to serve a static site. But some of my recent attempts at creating these stacks have results in Heroku giving me a Node.js stack...

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Tomatohater.com now a Pelican/GitHub site

Statically generated for cms-less publishing

This site is now completely static, generated by Pelican and hosted on GitHub Pages. Ridiculously simple and elgant.

The evolution of tomatohater.com:

Dates                    Technology                     Hosting
----------------------- ...

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I'm speaking at OSCON 2012

Join me at O'Reilly Media's Open Source Convention

I'll be heading to Portland, OR in July since my talk entitled "Faster! Faster! Accelerate your business with blazing prototypes" was accepted for OSCON 2012 (Open Source Convention).

The general idea is three fold:

  1. 1. Why do businesses still choose COTS solutions? I'll attempt to answer that question and provide some weaponry to help get past...

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Migrating a Django app to Heroku

Heroku supports Python! What are we waiting for?

As a Python and Django kind of guy, I had always been jealous of the Ruby on Rails folks. This has nothing at all to do with the framework itself. No, no, no.... Django all the way. It was the Heroku cloud application platform that had me longing.

Yes, I could run my Django application on Google App Engine, but that requires all sorts of hackery and my app ended up an abomination of the original... too unnatural for my...

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Dear Congress...

A note to Congress regarding SOPA and PIPA

Dear Representative Van Hollen, Senator Cardin, and Senator Mikulski:

The “Stop Online Piracy Act” (H.R. 3261) and the “Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011″ (S.968) are intended to solve a worthy problem, yet the methods recommended by these bills I find to be completely offensive.

I greatly value the protection of intellectual property, yet I place the values of freedom and free speech even higher....

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