Recovering from Amazon cloud outage

What happens when the AWS cloud has a very, very bad day?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been integral to the successes of nearly all recent project launches at PBS. All of our core applications are deployed out on AWS EC2 servers and RDS database instances. While we have experienced an occasional component failure, these have been infrequent. When failures have occurred, we have typically been able to leverage the agility...

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New launched!

New Django-based site and APIs

Today is a big day. Just after midnight we pulled the trigger and launched the new re-envisioned website. This is a huge step for PBS on a number of fronts; mostly having to do bringing PBS to the forefront of new media.

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The NPR Radio by Livio

What's the verdict?

I was at Micro Center today and came across this neat looking device called The NPR Radio by Livio. My first reaction was, "Wow! This is so cool. You can listen to NPR anytime, anywhere! Why aren't we selling The PBS Television yet?" or something along those lines.

But upon thinking about this...

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Ken Burns: Baseball, continued

New site launched on



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Jumping into Git

The PBS development team is making the leap from Subversion to Git.

So far, it has been relatively painless... We've imported a few SVN repositories, maintained the full history, and development continues. But we're still using Git as though it were Subversion.

To make the most of Git will involve rethinking our development and release practices. So far, Vincent Driessen's A successful Git branching model seems quite logical and is the likely candidate for adoption. Let's see where...

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