Recovering from Amazon cloud outage

What happens when the AWS cloud has a very, very bad day?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been integral to the successes of nearly all recent project launches at PBS. All of our core applications are deployed out on AWS EC2 servers and RDS database instances. While we have experienced an occasional component failure, these have been infrequent. When failures have occurred, we have typically been able to leverage the agility...

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pyawschart - v0.2 released

Amazon CloudWatch data visualization

I have just pushed the source code for pyawschart - v0.2 out to GitHub. This project was created a few months back and I have been using it for personal (Proboscis) and professional (PBS) projects since then. I've just decided to open...

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New launched!

New Django-based site and APIs

Today is a big day. Just after midnight we pulled the trigger and launched the new re-envisioned website. This is a huge step for PBS on a number of fronts; mostly having to do bringing PBS to the forefront of new media.

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Private clouds for developers

A viable option?

At PBS we have been launching most new applications up in Amazon's cloud platform utilizing EC2 instances, EBS and S3 storage, etc. The flexibility and agility that this Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is truly game changing, if not frightening (to IT departments).

The ease with which I am able spin up a server or 30 still gives me the chills even though I've been doing this for years by now. In fact, it is so...

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