Faetus: An FTP interface to Amazon S3 file storage.

An FTP interface to Amazon S3 file storage.


Faetus is an FTP server that translates FTP commands into Amazon S3 API calls providing an FTP interface on top of Amazon S3 storage.



Amazon's S3 API is awesome and there are plenty of excellent libraries that make this very simple. However, sometimes you don't have control over a system,...

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Recovering from Amazon cloud outage

What happens when the AWS cloud has a very, very bad day?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been integral to the successes of nearly all recent project launches at PBS. All of our core applications are deployed out on AWS EC2 servers and RDS database instances. While we have experienced an occasional component failure, these have been infrequent. When failures have occurred, we have typically been able to leverage the agility...

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AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) with Python

Flexible access control to AWS cloud services using Amazon IAM, Python, and boto

With all the AWS services that are now available, our opportunities in the cloud are virtually unlimited. But using any of these services requires access to your AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and unfortunately, these keys provides complete access to the kingdom. This may not be a problem for some, but for large enterprises, granular access control is a necessity.

Up until recently, we would have been out...

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pyawschart - v0.2 released

Amazon CloudWatch data visualization

I have just pushed the source code for pyawschart - v0.2 out to GitHub. This project was created a few months back and I have been using it for personal (Proboscis) and professional (PBS) projects since then. I've just decided to open...

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New PBS.org launched!

New Django-based PBS.org site and APIs

Today is a big day. Just after midnight we pulled the trigger and launched the new re-envisioned PBS.org website. This is a huge step for PBS on a number of fronts; mostly having to do bringing PBS to the forefront of new media.

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CloudFront object invalidation in Python

Pythonically purge objects from CloudFront via RESTful API

Amazon Web Services enables the management of all AWS services through some pretty powerful REST APIs. CloudFront is Amazon's content delivery network offering which allows you to serve files out of S3 buckets with much better performance. S3 files are cached at edge servers so that users may download them more quickly. The service plays nice with...

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Private clouds for developers

A viable option?

At PBS we have been launching most new applications up in Amazon's cloud platform utilizing EC2 instances, EBS and S3 storage, etc. The flexibility and agility that this Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is truly game changing, if not frightening (to IT departments).

The ease with which I am able spin up a server or 30 still gives me the chills even though I've been doing this for years by now. In fact, it is so...

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Future of Faetus...

Should my FTP-to-S3 project evolve?

In my recent post entitled, Faetus v0.5 released!, I described how and why I built a Python-based FTP server that reads and writes to Amazon S3. This project was born out of necessity because I am using a 3rd-party file management application (which didn't understand the S3 API) but needed the files to end up on S3. The system did talk FTP, so I wrote an FTP server that does just...

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Faetus v0.5 released!

An FTP interface to Amazon S3 file storage.

Faetus is an FTP server that translates FTP commands into Amazon S3 API calls providing an FTP interface on top of Amazon S3 storage.

This project came out of a specific need I have at PBS. I need to put files on Amazon S3 storage, but the 3rd-party file management system doesn't know how to speak to S3's APIs. What the system does understand is FTP. So I decided to write an FTP server that utilizes S3 storage as opposed to local...

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My slides from RightScale MeetUp 2010

Last month, I presented on how PBS utilizes RightScale to manage our servers in the Amazon Cloud.

This is my deck from RightScale MeetUp...

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Headed to RightScale User Meetup 2010

I'm headed to NYC today for the Cloud Computing Expo and the RightScale User Meetup 2010.

Tomorrow I'll be presenting my experiences using RightScale and Amazon Web Services to drastically change the way PBS web applications are designed and hosted.

Our foray into cloud computing is really still experimental, but it has already proven to be transformative on a number of fronts......

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