Lunar eclipse photos

From an extremely amateur photographer

I'm no photographer, but since I was staying up late to watch this morning's total lunar eclipse anyway (what is it, almost 6am now?), I decided to break out my camera, point the lens skyward, and see what happens. Of course, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I messed with all sorts of settings (ISO, f-stop, shutter speed, white balance), but I eventually came up with some...

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New launched!

New Django-based site and APIs

Today is a big day. Just after midnight we pulled the trigger and launched the new re-envisioned website. This is a huge step for PBS on a number of fronts; mostly having to do bringing PBS to the forefront of new media.

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CloudFront object invalidation in Python

Pythonically purge objects from CloudFront via RESTful API

Amazon Web Services enables the management of all AWS services through some pretty powerful REST APIs. CloudFront is Amazon's content delivery network offering which allows you to serve files out of S3 buckets with much better performance. S3 files are cached at edge servers so that users may download them more quickly. The service plays nice with...

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Pretty print xml (and json) in Python

Quick Python one-liner to prettify xml (and json too)

So that I don't forget... again.

from xml.dom import minidom

# from a string
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The NPR Radio by Livio

What's the verdict?

I was at Micro Center today and came across this neat looking device called The NPR Radio by Livio. My first reaction was, "Wow! This is so cool. You can listen to NPR anytime, anywhere! Why aren't we selling The PBS Television yet?" or something along those lines.

But upon thinking about this...

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Private repos on BitBucket

Mercury rising?

Well now they've done it... With the acquisition of BitBucket by Atlassian, we can expect BitBucket to see tremendous gains in usability and developer support. They now offer unlimited public and private repositories for up to 5...

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Ken Burns: Baseball, continued

New site launched on



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Private clouds for developers

A viable option?

At PBS we have been launching most new applications up in Amazon's cloud platform utilizing EC2 instances, EBS and S3 storage, etc. The flexibility and agility that this Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is truly game changing, if not frightening (to IT departments).

The ease with which I am able spin up a server or 30 still gives me the chills even though I've been doing this for years by now. In fact, it is so...

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Future of Faetus...

Should my FTP-to-S3 project evolve?

In my recent post entitled, Faetus v0.5 released!, I described how and why I built a Python-based FTP server that reads and writes to Amazon S3. This project was born out of necessity because I am using a 3rd-party file management application (which didn't understand the S3 API) but needed the files to end up on S3. The system did talk FTP, so I wrote an FTP server that does just...

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Faetus v0.5 released!

An FTP interface to Amazon S3 file storage.

Faetus is an FTP server that translates FTP commands into Amazon S3 API calls providing an FTP interface on top of Amazon S3 storage.

This project came out of a specific need I have at PBS. I need to put files on Amazon S3 storage, but the 3rd-party file management system doesn't know how to speak to S3's APIs. What the system does understand is FTP. So I decided to write an FTP server that utilizes S3 storage as opposed to local...

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GoogleCL is serious life automation

Command line tools for the Google Data APIs

Google released GoogleCL last Friday they describe as "Command line tools for the Google Data APIs". I took a few minutes to play with it today and an awed by the possibilities it opens up. Yes, APIs have existed for all these services, so in theory, it's nothing new... But really, who wants to write command-line wrappers for the APIs, or manage all the different 3rd party packages for doing...

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